New to Pilates?


Beginning Pilates training is one of the best low impact exercise regimens that you can weave into one’s lifestyle for optimal health results. Pilates mat classes are great for realigning imbalances in the body, providing low stress movements that strengthen one’s core and relieve back pain. Pilates eases stress on the spinal column and teaches one how to better hold one’s body upright so they can be the brightest and fullest version of themselves. 

Try our Introductory Package of 3 privates & 5 mat classes.*

New Students

New clients to the Studio are required to complete a one-hour private or semi-private orientation session; as a bonus, we throw in 5 beginner (Essential Level) classes to try over a two week period in any of our modalities. Corporate or group rates are available upon request.

What to Expect

During your Orientation session you will be introduced to the foundations of STOTT PILATES and the equipment and props we utilize. You will be led through a complete workout while the Instructor reviews your physical health, postural alignment and mind-body awareness. At the end of the session clients will receive direction about the types of classes and services best suited for them.

*See Rates & Policies.