New Weekly Mat Class for Beginners

Essential Mat Pilates led by Luis • Every Tuesday @ 9am

This class will be the perfect introduction into the basic principles that guide us through all Pilates moves. We must start with the basics or we will not be able to increase the flexibility and strength that is possible for our body. We must start with the breath.

In this class we will…

  • learn the proper breathing method to engage core muscles

  • establish an understanding of spinal alignment and pelvic stabilization

  • focus on lengthening and strengthening through the abdominals

If you have graduated from a beginner level, this class will provide additional guidance for ensuring you have the correct form in all your movements.

Please email: you plan on attending. 

Newbies do $20 for 2 classes. Regs do $15 drop-in.

Bring a friend!

Thank you,

Pilates Unleashed Studio