Unleash Light 2017

A Letter from Heidy

Being the last week of the year, I took five days off to reflect and meditate on 2016. It was a week where I wasn’t going to be teaching or in the classroom but I still went to the studio and did the paperwork and the things that I normally can not do during my teaching hours, like doctors appointments check ups and so on for me as well as my son, Andrew. I also took the time to take a yoga class at a nearby gym, actually the nearby gym where I started as a personal trainer about 13 years ago. It was a very pleasant trip back to my past. And how it all started for me.

It also made me feel very happy about where I am now. To make a long story short I saw an old student that I haven’t seen in many years, very very dear Jen. An old student whose name is Jennifer. After class she insisted she needed to go to the car to get something for me. I was wondering what that was because she didn’t know that she was going to see me. Well, she went to her car and brought this big light. It looked like a light you can take if you go camping or if you are parking your car in the dark or if you’re in an area where you need great light because it’s very, very powerful. After Jennifer left, I really had time to reflect on this light and I had time to come up with why she would give me such a light in such time? Questions why was I supposed to be at that place? Why at that time and that class when Jennifer was there? The truth is I can come up with many many stories as to why, but as it is with everything that happened to me in 2016. And I have a choice to have this empower to 2017 or not.

I choose to think that God was looking out for me to see how far I/we have come and to be reminded of the light we all have inside – it is the very reason to keep on keeping on.

How are you find light in 2016 to empower 2017? Share something and tag it with #PilatesUnleashedLight

Love you all,